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RFHC - Treated Honeycomb Core Absorbers

Microwave absorbing honeycomb

Product Description

Laird uses either Nomex® or fiberglass honeycomb core and applies a ""lossy"" coating to it. The RF core can have a uniform coating to optimize insertion loss or a graded coating to optimize reflection loss. The cell sizes generally used are 0.125"" to 0.187"" (3,2 mm to 4,8 mm) thick with densities of 3 to 4 lb./ft3. The performance curve shows the typical performance of a 0.5"" (12,7 mm) thick core, providing good attenuation over a broad frequency range. We can optimize the performance to account for laminated skins or core and can assist in selecting the right materials to minimize performance degradation. RFHC materials are used as ""lossy"" loads in spiral antennas and high-power antenna couplers. They are used with laminated skins to manufacture radar absorbing structural (RAS) panels and components. Our engineering staff can design a material that meets your special requirements.

Features and Benefits
  • Customized
  • Airflow


Automated Pad PlacementAutomated Packaging
Custom AutomationCustom Product Development


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Technical Specification

FunctionFree space
ROHS CompliantYes
Reflectivity-20 dB at 10 Ghz
TypeTreated Honeycomb Core Absorbers

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