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Microwave Absorbing Textile Covers

Microwave Absorbing Textile Covers

Product Description

Many of these products are based upon Laird RFRET foam material. RFRET is open-celled lightweight foam, which is flexible and provides excellent broadband microwave absorption. The absorber can be sewn or RF welded into different textile materials. The textile cover is chosen based upon the environmental properties desired. Vinyl, neoprene, silicone and Hypalon® are commonly used materials. Reinforcements include nylon, fiberglass, polyester and Kevlar®. A variety of attachment schemes can be used including Velcro®, zippers, buckles, tie downs and other standard attachments. Camouflage materials can also be used to provide both RF and visual protection. The foam works equally well at millimeter wave frequencies. Laird is working with other companies to provide infrared protection and integrate conductive materials into fabric coatings. A variety of conductive materials are available including Flectron nickel/copper coated fabric, aluminized glass mat, lightweight scrims and wire screens.

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