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Eccostock PP

Flexible closed cell dielectric foam

Product Description

Due to the low dielectric constant, the materials are essentially transparent to electromagnetic energy. It offers excellent thermal insulation. Eccostock PP is lightweight and will return to its normal thickness after being compressed. It can be heat sealed to form blocks of material or to make contoured pieces that can be draped over complex objects. Eccostock PP can be used as radomes, blankets, and coverings where radar transparency is desired as well as spacer in electronic.

Features and Benefits
  • Low loss, Low dielectric
  • Lightweight
  • Compressible and flexible
  • Weather resistant

Healthcare / MedicalIndustrial

Automated Pad PlacementAutomated Packaging
Custom AutomationCustom Product Development

Instrumentation/Test and measureNotebooks/Tablets/Portable Devices
SatellitesSmart Home Devices

Technical Specification

Density (g/cc)0.03
Dielectric Constant Max1.06
Dielectric Constant Min1.03
Hardness7 Shore A (PP2), 15 Shore A (PP4)
Loss Tangent0.00010
Operating Temperature Max (Celsius)85
Operating Temperature Min (Celsius)-80
Option Availability - PSAYes
ROHS CompliantYes
Tensile Strength (Mpa)28.4
Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)0.04
Thickness Max (mm)6.35
Thickness Min (mm)1.58
TypeFlexible low loss dielectric foam
Parts (10)
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Part NumberPart NameFunctionDielectric ConstantLoss TangentResinShapeDensity (g/cc)Operating Temperature Max (Celsius)Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)Length (mm)Thickness (mm)Width(mm)REACHOption Availability - PSAType
55005106PP-2 .125X48X60 NADielectric1.030.00010PolyethyleneRectangle0.03850.041524.003.171219.0011Flexible low loss dielectric foam
55005107PP-2 .25X48X60 NADielectric1.030.00010PolyethyleneRectangle0.03850.041524.006.351219.0011Flexible low loss dielectric foam
55005139PP-4 .0625X48X60 NADielectric1.060.00010PolyethyleneRectangle0.03850.041524.001.581219.0011Flexible low loss dielectric foam
55005143PP-4 .25X48X60 NADielectric1.060.00010PolyethyleneRectangle0.03850.041524.006.351219.0011Flexible low loss dielectric foam
55005146PP-4 .125X48X60 NADielectric1.060.00010PolyethyleneRectangle0.03850.041524.003.171219.0011Flexible low loss dielectric foam
55005176PP-2 .125X24X24 NADielectric1.030.00010PolyethyleneSquare0.03850.04609.003.17609.0011Flexible low loss dielectric foam
309001003PP-4 610x610x1.59 mmDielectric1.060.00010PolyethyleneSquare0.03850.04609.001.59609.0011Flexible low loss dielectric foam
309002005PP-2 610x610x3.17 mmDielectric1.030.00010PolyethyleneSquare0.03850.04609.003.17609.0011Flexible low loss dielectric foam
309002019PP-2 610x1220x3.17 mmDielectric1.030.00010PolyethyleneRectangle0.03850.041524.003.171219.0011Flexible low loss dielectric foam
309003014PP-2 610x610x6.35 mmDielectric1.030.00010PolyethyleneSquare0.03850.04609.006.35609.0011Flexible low loss dielectric foam

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