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Eccostock LoK

Light weight dielectric thermoset

Product Description

Eccostock LOK weighs only about half that of polystyrene and one quarter that of polytetrafluorethylene, making it first choice for weight sensitive application. It has better dimensional stability than other low loss plastics and exhibit very good moisture resistance It will not cold flow, nor will flow when heat is applied. Eccostock Lok is of benefit in application like coaxial, waveguide and antenna support to minimize reflections in transmission line thanks to its low dielectric constant.

Features and Benefits
  • Very low dielectric constant
  • Lightweight
  • Moisture resistant
  • Good dimensional stability

Aerospace/DefenseHealthcare / Medical

Automated Pad PlacementAutomated Packaging
Custom AutomationCustom Product Development

AntennaBase station/Power amplifier/Acitve antenna unit /small cell
Instrumentation/Test and measureMedical diagnostic

Technical Specification

Coefficient of linear expansion (cm/cm/°c)0.00005
Density (g/cc)0.54
Dielectric Constant Max1.70
Dielectric Constant Min1.70
Dielectric strength (Kv/mm)11.8
Loss Tangent0.00400
Operating Temperature Max (Celsius)150
Operating Temperature Min (Celsius)-70
Option Availability - MachiningYes
Option Availability - on drawingYes
ROHS CompliantYes
Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)0.40
Thickness Max (mm)50.80
Thickness Min (mm)3.20
TypeLow Loss Dielectric thermoset
Volume Resistivity10^14 Ohm-cm
Parts (8)
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Part NumberPart NameFunctionDielectric ConstantLoss TangentResinShapeDensity (g/cc)Operating Temperature Max (Celsius)Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)Coefficient of linear expansion (cm/cm/°c)Length (mm)Thickness (mm)Width(mm)Option Availability - MachiningOption Availability - on drawingREACHType
27045173LOK .250x12x12 SHEET NADielectric1.700.00400PolyethyleneSquare0.541500.400.00005305.006.35305.00111Low Loss Dielectric thermoset
27045176LOK .500x12x12 SHEET NADielectric1.700.00400PolyethyleneSquare0.541500.400.00005305.0012.70305.00111Low Loss Dielectric thermoset
27045179"LOK .625x12x12"" SHEET NA"Dielectric1.700.00400PolyethyleneSquare0.541500.400.00005305.0019.10305.00111Low Loss Dielectric thermoset
27045180"LOK 1.000x12x12"" SHEET NA"Dielectric1.700.00400PolyethyleneSquare0.541500.400.00005305.0025.40305.00111Low Loss Dielectric thermoset
27045183"LOK .125x12x12"" SHEET NA"Dielectric1.700.00400PolyethyleneSquare0.541500.400.00005305.003.20305.00111Low Loss Dielectric thermoset
27045184"LOK 2.000x12x12"" SHEET NA"Dielectric1.700.00400PolyethyleneSquare0.541500.400.00005305.0050.80305.00111Low Loss Dielectric thermoset
305028012LOK SHEET 305x305x6.35 mmDielectric1.700.00400PolyethyleneSquare0.541500.400.00005305.006.35305.00111Low Loss Dielectric thermoset
305028014LOK SHEET 305x305x12.7 mmDielectric1.700.00400PolyethyleneSquare0.541500.400.00005305.0012.70305.00111Low Loss Dielectric thermoset

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