ISE (Integrated Solutions Engineered)

October 14, 2020, 4:10pm

ISE (Integrated Solutions Engineered)

A holistic technology package tackling EMI / thermal and structural challenges at once

  • The signature of today's advanced technology - whether it's autonomous vehicles, 5G enabled devices, sensors creating an internet of things, or home routers - is high-speed, high-volume data transfer in increasingly dense packages. It poses new and unprecedented challenges for design engineers worldwide.

  • Techni3 and Laird's new Integrated Solutions Portfolio addresses these multifaceted challenges with a unique range of multifunctional products and solutions. Combining our decades long wealth of expertise in EMI products, precision metals, RF absorber and thermal solutions - with the latest material and manufacturing innovations sparked a new way of thinking and has resulted in a plethora of value-add solutions.

Thermally and eletro-magnetically enhanced die-cast, stamped, deep-drawn precision metal parts at board level (e.g. board level shields and RF absorber) or subassembly level (e.g. automotive heatsinks).


Highly durable mechanically stable solutions at enclosure and I/O interface level, e.g. radomes, using state of-the-art injection molding or forming capabilities.


Homogenous single layer or heterogenous multi-layer polymeric solutions offering multi-functional EMI/thermal performance, e.g. a thermally conductive RF absorber.


Electrically conductive fabrics enabling sensor, switch, and heating functionality, e.g. selectively plated stretch fabric.

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