Solutions: Metal ISE


EMI Shielding/EMI Absorber System

Shieldzorb Solution integrates absorber with board level shielding (BLS) or so-called shielding can to damp cavity resonant, to reduce unwanted coupling of electronic components in the BLS and/or coupling between components in the BLS and nearby RF antennas. At high frequencies, cavity resonant of BLS can cause serious deterioration of its shielding effectiveness at cavity resonant frequency. Unwanted coupling with nearby RF antennas or cross talk within BLS might lead to desensitization of those RF components. Shieldzorb solutions can effectively fix those problems. BLS mentioned here can be stamped/deep draw shielding can or die casting/machined aluminum alloy shielding covers. There are a large variety of absorber options for different frequencies. Fully automated assembly process is available to make high volume production cost effective.

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CoolShield R

EMI Shielding/Thermal Gap Filler System

CoolShield solution integrates thermal products in to board level shielding covers so that they can provide both EMI shielding and heat transmission for ICs on electronics devices. Here, shielding cover can be a piece of stamped metal, a deep draw cover or even a die casting part while thermal product can vary according to application requirement including thermal pad, thermal grease, thermal Gel, phase change material, etc. With unique automation technology developed by Laird Performance, we can ensure a cost-effective assembly.

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Heatsink/EMI Shielding/Thermal Gap Filler System

HeatsinX solution provides a die-cast, deep drawn, or stamped heatsink that has been enhanced for its design needs with a combination of thermal interface material, CoolZorb, Form-in-Place EMI gaskets, RF absorbers, or EMI shielding solutions. With unique automation technology developed by Laird Performance, we can ensure a cost-effective assembly, leading to a simplified sourcing structure and lower total cost of ownership for out customers.

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