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Partnering with us, you accelerate innovation to make our world intelligently connected.

We are designers helping designers. Manufacturers helping manufacturers. We help you avoid wasted effort and costs and thus speed the time-to-market for your systems.

Using our global capabilities, your design engineering teams blend with ours seamlessly to jointly think ahead, resolving the most formidable design challenges imaginable.

Anticipating your growing needs spawns our distinct innovations and capabilities.

Read how our co-engineering product development, modeling, rapid prototyping and testing teams work each day to help you accelerate your innovation.

Examine how our historic roots in thin gauge stamped and formed precision metal components served your needs. Today Laird precision metals stand above the rest.

Learn too about our leadership in automated systems for dispensing conductive elastomers, our automated product packaging and Laird-developed automated application of all forms of thermal interface materials.

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