Bespoke Die Cutting

At Techni3 we produce precision die cut parts either with or without adhesives to the following industries:

Electronics (OEM and CEM) Militiary denfence
Medical / Pharmaceutical Telecommunications
Green Energy and Solar Rail Networks
Air Conditioning and Ventilation Industrial

Kiss-Cutting – Foam and Nonwovens

TECHNI3 can kiss-cut parts from almost any material that can be bonded to an adhesive or tape. The process is similar to adhesive-backed labels. Kiss-cut parts are often used for ease in removal of single parts on customer assembly line systems. TECHNI3 has the ability to kiss-cut thick non-rigid materials, as well as thin gauge metal materials that have adhesive both sides.

Precision rotary and flat-bed die-cutting press capacity enables us to manufacture large volume quantities of self-adhesive gaskets, washers, and die-cut components all in a continuous roll form “kiss-cut” to the self-adhesive release paper. In addition to die cutting, TECHNI3 are able to offer a full adhesive laminating service, including partial adhesive coverage and any required slitting processes.

Laminating and Adhesive Backing

At TECHNI3 we have the technology to laminate and apply pressure sensitive adhesive to almost any flexible or rigid material whether it be in a roll or sheet format, or foam that has been die cut to a client’s critical specification.

Rotary die cutting is ideal for:

Kiss Cutting
Combining with other Processes
Precision Cuts up to +/- 0.4mm
Low Piece Part Cost (based on volume)
Can be supplied on rolls, strips, or even sheets
Most parts can be supplied with waste removed

Materials and Substrates

At Techni3 we are able to die cut, kiss cut, or laminate onto the following materials:

Polyethylene Foam Cross linked foams
Polyurethane VHB TAPES
Rubber Polyester foam
EPDM Acoustic foam
Cork and Felt Latex
Neoprene Poron
Silicone Polypropylene
Teflon FluorSilicone