Informational Webinar Series on Tap

May 4, 2020, 4:50 pm

Don't miss our exciting series of webinars covering the issues you face, the applications you're considering and the solutions we offer in effectively resolving excess heat, stray EMI, design issues or all three. Watch for details!

Please send the email to to pre-register for webinars.

  • May 14: Shielding the Warfighter
  • May 28: Global Capabilities, Local Talent
  • June 11: A Part Designer's Virtual Library
  • June 24: EMC Solutions Overview
  • July 9: Secrets to Successful Combination Designs
  • July 23: Dense Designs: Issues and Answers
  • August 6: Prototyping and Co-Engineered Projects
  • August 20: Selecting the Right Solution for Stray EMI
  • September 3: Single Design, Multiple Solutions
  • September 17: RF/Microwave Absorbers and Future Trends
  • September 30: Heat Transfer: Big Chips, Bigger Issues